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Sana recovery centre is an addiction recovery centre that specialises in the treatment of various addictions and disorders.

We focus on individualised treatment planning and person-centred therapy, to get the maximum benefit out of our treatment model. At Sana you are special and different.


My story

After a long road of substance abuse, I decided that I needed change. However, I never knew where to get the help that I needed. After passing through various treatment centres, I felt somewhat defeated. Notwithstanding this, I managed to find recovery in 2019, and decided that I wanted to help individuals like myself who couldn’t find a way out of addiction.

I believe that my purpose is directly linked to the healing of others.

The idea behind Sana Recovery Centre, is to make the approach of unconditional positive regards and person-centred therapy for substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders available to everyone. 

Meet our team

The multi-disciplinary team at Sana Recovery Centre has years of experience in the field of addiction, and are dedicated to treating everyone who walks in a our doors with kindness and compassion. In order to support our philosophy of unconditional positive regard, we maintain a culture of empathy, care and fun to encourage recovery and healing.

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Marco Mendoza

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Certified Addiction Counsellor

Minah Sana RA

Minah Boadi

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Recovery Assistant 


Annie Otte

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Facility Manager


Confidence Tshikani

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Registered Social Worker


Dr. MH Carvalho


Dr. R Olivier


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General Practitioner’s 

“I’m not the smartest fellow in the world, but I sure can pick smart colleagues.”



Marco thank you for your patience years ago and always being so kind and fighting for me. I know I was loopy and never recognised it back then, but I wanted to tell you it hasn’t and will never go unrecognised in my life. Your belief saved me, your words, your vibes, your kindness. I just wanted to say thank you and so sorry if I ever said or acted like I wasn’t grateful, I was and I am. Keep doing what you doing, you only deserve the best.
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Book an assessment

Book your free assessment and take the first step towards your best life. Give yourself a chance to SANA (Heal).

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